Looking to the Future.

At Groundtruth, we highlight the voices of individuals performing transformative work in their communities and finding workable solutions to important challenges. 

Stories of Building Community Power

  • Black Resilience: A New Green Agenda Nationally And Globally
    Felicia Davis, a Justice 40 fellow White House fellow, and Illai Kenney are building equitable energy futures, starting on the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). 
  • Groundswell goes to church with SOUL and solar at Sargent Memorial Church in Washington, DC
    On July 10, 2022, in Washington, DC, Groundswell Is connecting with soul and solar in the Nation’s capital. According to research led by Groundswell Vice President of Labs and Data Science Dr. Elvis Moleka, only 63.3% of low and moderate-income households served by community solar felt satisfied or very satisfied. 
  • Feeding Good with Jill Wu
    Soaring prices at grocery stores and shortages of specific foods due to supply chain issues have provided stark reminders of how food insecurity and food scarcity impact families across the country. These issues have hit some communities especially hard, but an Atlanta-based team began to address these challenges long before they became a talking point for prime time news commentators.  
  • Malcolm X’s Contributions to Environmental Justice Live On
    As communities around the world celebrated Malcolm X‘s 97th birthday, he was remembered as more than a prominent figure in the Civil Rights movement. His speeches decried environmental oppression decades before the wider public recognized the importance of environmental justice. He was a genius community organizer, and he empowered his community, using the power of his tongue as his sword.
  • The Living History of Frank and Audrey Peterman
    Frank and Audrey Peterman seem to waltz through life in ways that bring more and more people along, wherever they go. Frank is a fountain of wisdom and makes it easy to pay attention to him because of his halo-like white afro and the dulcet DJ tones in his voice. Audrey has the legs and energy of Tina Turner and a heart so expansive that when she calls you "Darling! My love!" you know she means it!
  • Honoring the Living History of Tracy Gray
    The expression “It’s not rocket science” is used to say something is not complicated, but most people saying it are not rocket scientists, so how would we really know? Tracy Gray went from being an actual rocket scientist to a rock band manager with an interest in emerging technologies — and all of those experiences led to her current work leading a fund that invests in diverse founders with manufacturing companies, including clean-tech. I’ll listen to her anytime!
  • Honoring the Living History of John Francis
    It’s not often that being silent can amplify your voice. Everything we think we know about being “heard” involves talking. One Black environmentalist took a different approach, and by listening to his own inner voice, a revelation came to him. I’m talking about John Francis, aka The Planet Walker.