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  • Building Stronger Communities
    Every week in February, Groundswell is recognizing individuals who are making major contributions to Black, Green communities and initiatives. This week, we sat down with Suncatch Energy Founder Brad Boston, who builds up his employees, even as he installs solar panels.
  • Looking to the Future During Black, Green History Month
    This February, Groundswell will honor individuals making history in their communities and building a brighter future for generations to come.  Groundswell has shared stories about leaders in the Black and green communities every February since 2017 to recognize the environmental justice impact these individuals have in and beyond the communities they serve. These stories are part of the rich fabric of history written each day by decisions and acts of service. 
  • A Values Revolution
    Systems produce outcomes according to the values on which they’re founded. So, if you want to transform the outcomes or change the system, you’ve got to go deep to its roots and transform the values that define it.
  • A Year of Revelation: Let the Light In!
    Twenty-twenty has been a year of revelation. Whatever polite veneers may have once masked the injustice, fear, rage, want, and inequities that have been daily on display, those veils have been ripped away by a relentless year.
  • Road to Groundswell: Teara Harris
    Groundswell recently welcomed Teara Harris to our team as our new Community Building Associate. Teara brings with her a passion for building up people in traditionally underserved communities. Her vision is to bring about change and unity while connecting people in her community with the resources they need.
  • Watching DC Solar Stories Episode 2
    Here in the District — as in many places — some residents struggle with high energy bills each month. But through the DC Solar For All program, members of our community are beginning to see savings through solar energy.