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  • Lessons in Savings and Hope with DC Solar for All
    School is out for the summer, but that doesn't mean that learning has to stop. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite energy-saving "lessons." I hope you will find these tips useful as you spend time with the children in your life, soaking up the sun and saving money with your DC Solar for All subscription this summer.
  • Soaking in the Sun with DC Solar for All
    If you are like me, the transition from winter to spring is a celebratory occasion. Gone are the days of stepping outside and feeling the cold, harsh air hitting your face! No more moments of wishing the temperature was just a bit warmer in order to enjoy just a little sunshine and fresh air! The flowers are now blooming beautiful colors of hope.
  • Celebrating Earth Day with DC Solar for All
    In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, we would like to take a moment to celebrate your contribution to a clean, equitable, sustainable future here in the District and as part of the global environmental movement.
  • Saving with Solar for All
    Over the last few months, I'm sure you've noticed, like me, that things cost more. The goods and services we depend on every day – like groceries, gas, and even electricity – are more expensive today than they have been in years. 
  • Celebrating Black History Month with DC Solar for All
    Black History Month gives us the opportunity to think about the inspirational Black leaders who are making history and changing the world. This year, we would like to use this space to honor a few of the leaders who inspire us with their transformative work.
  • The Living History of Frank and Audrey Peterman
    Frank and Audrey Peterman seem to waltz through life in ways that bring more and more people along, wherever they go. Frank is a fountain of wisdom and makes it easy to pay attention to him because of his halo-like white afro and the dulcet DJ tones in his voice. Audrey has the legs and energy of Tina Turner and a heart so expansive that when she calls you "Darling! My love!" you know she means it!