Bartees Cox

Bartees Cox is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Groundswell and is a seasoned communicator with a heart for social justice and years of experience translating complex policy goals into long-term successful communications campaigns. Previously he worked as the Strategic Partnerships Director for Climate Nexus and at BerlinRosen as a Senior Associate on the national labor team. In this role, he designed communications campaigns and messaging for some of the largest strikes for higher wages in the history of the United States. Bartees also held positions at the Federal Communications Commission as the Deputy Press Secretary, where he developed messaging on issues like net neutrality. Bartees is from Mustang, Oklahoma and attended the University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College of Journalism. He spends a large part of his spare time producing music for various artists and playing in bands. 

5 Articles

  • Building a Path to Resilience in Baltimore
    In June, Groundswell was awarded a $300,000 grant by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) to design up to 30 resiliency hubs throughout Baltimore’s most climate vulnerable communities. These funds will make it possible for Groundswell to find out where it is feasible to install Resiliency Hubs in the Baltimore community — in terms of both architectural opportunities and potential host site locations.
  • Supporting Each Other
    Supporting each other is one of Groundswell’s founding principles. This — and our commitment to providing a model that truly empowers our subscribers and their communities — is why we’ve taken a small step back from our usual social media and marketing efforts to introduce a new concert series at Groundswell called Prepare for Power. Through art, fresh perspectives, and performances by up and coming performers from across the country, we hope that we can transport you beyond the news of the day and into a space where you feel supported, inspired, and hopeful. 
  • Making a difference in their communities, the environment
    Welcome to our third post in our four-part series for Black Green History month! Our first post  gave a brief explanation of what environmental justice actually is. In our second post, we learned about the history of environmental justice and how deeply it is tied to the movement for civil rights from Dr. Mildred “Mama Bahati” McClain. This week we’re highlighting people who are finding intersectional solutions to the problems people in their communities face everyday. These leaders aren’t just trying to solve climate change or roll out clean energy infrastructure, they're trying to build a more just and equitable world for us all. 
  • Building the Beloved Community, A conversation with Dr. Mildred McClain
    We’re ten days into Black Green History month at Groundswell and excited to share our second post about one of the great leaders of the environmental justice movement. As we continue to  examine the connection between civil rights and environmental justice, it’s important to highlight those who built the foundations of this work. Like my mother would say, “you can’t go far if you don’t know where you’re coming from.” 
  • It's Black Green History Month!
    Groundswell celebrates every year by highlighting black leaders in clean energy and climate. The work of these individuals exceeds the call for climate action and aligns with the fight for civil rights - a core tenant of the environmental justice movement.