Celebrating Earth Day with DC Solar for All

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, we would like to take a moment to celebrate your contribution to a clean, equitable, sustainable future here in the District and as part of the global environmental movement. Every April, people around the world celebrate Earth Day and breathe new life into the efforts that make a meaningful difference right outside our front doors and around the world. From Peru to Jordan – from Indonesia to Washington, DC – the movement for environmental justice spans the globe, but the most meaningful efforts are centered on communities and a common goal to build a better world for generations to come.

Your DC Solar for All subscription is a critical part of the larger, worldwide sustainability movement of sustainability across the world. Your participation in Solar for All improves clean energy access and energy affordability in the District while showing communities worldwide what is possible. This program wouldn’t exist without you, and we can’t express the level of gratitude and respect we have for your continued commitment.

We have to work together if we want to build a cleaner Earth and a better world. The Groundswell Customer Service team is proud to serve you by building on the clean energy momentum you created by subscribing. We will continue to respond to your encouragement and feedback in order to improve access to clean, affordable energy through this program. Your Solar for All participation, your response to energy bill savings of up to $500 a year, and your community involvement let our leaders know there is demand for accessible renewable energy here in the District and beyond. This Earth Day, we celebrate you!