Celebrating Labor Day: A Brilliant Future for the Clean Energy Workforce

The past few weeks have been filled with good news about clean energy jobs. Solar is part of the story, but what we’re seeing is a much more significant transformation of how we power our economy and bring good jobs to communities around the US.

Thanks in large part to the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act’s requirements that products like EV cars and trucks have to be made in the USA to receive tax benefits — combined with the tireless commitment of local and state economic development officers — companies are clamoring to manufacture clean energy technologies in America. There’s a new battery plant coming to Kentucky, EV charging to Alabama, and companies like Toyota and Hyundai are doubling and tripling down on their commitment to build EVs and batteries in the US.

Those are just headlines from this week. You can count on more coming soon to rural and urban communities — including lots of opportunities in solar as the industry blossoms and solar manufacturing returns to America. But how do you get a job in the clean energy economy?

The jobs are good; the field is growing, and there’s a brilliant future ahead — so it’s a good time to ask that question.

Photo of Brad Boston

The commitment of organizations like Groundswell and partners like Brad Boston of SunCatch Energy and Bret Jones of Supreme Solutions are part of the answer. On-the-job training, apprenticeships, and mentoring new leaders into the field are among the ways we can all be a part of building a beautifully diverse and thriving clean energy future.

If you or someone you know wants to explore a career in solar, check out our webinar series with Brad Boston — who previews his “Solar30” training program. It’s an engaging and informative first step on the path.

Grateful to be part of the clean energy workforce,