Choosing Community with SharePower™

This month, we are launching our new Solar Spotlight series featuring a SharePower subscriber. This series will feature individuals who are making a difference in their community through community solar. 

Robert Conrado is a SharePower subscriber who lives in Washington, DC. Because of Robert — and other local SharePower subscribers — Community Solar at the Monastery of Our Lady Mt. Carmel has been able to produce 371 MW of energy. Each subscription prevents about 2.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is the emissions equivalent of 6,517 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.  

Groundswell: How did you find out about Community Solar at the Monastery of Our Lady Mt. Carmel?

Robert: I work in the cleantech space and have spent a lot of time thinking about sustainability. In DC, it is challenging to have solar on your own house because not many people have roofs, and houses are very small. I had been looking for community solar, but I didn’t want to buy offsets or do something in a different state. I wanted something that was going to benefit the local community, as well. So, I had spent probably six months searching online, trying to learn a little bit more about local options. I came across Groundswell’s website and got in contact.

Groundswell: Did your role in the cleantech space drive your motivation to subscribe?

Robert: I believe very strongly in sustainability. It’s what I do every day. I wanted to have an impact on my community and have a broader impact on sustainability. I liked Groundwell’s mission and how the organization was set up.

Groundswell: What do you like about SharePower? 

Robert: For me, it is such a no-brainer. There’s virtually no cost to the program, relative to your regular electricity bills. You're just making a donation to help Groundswell help other households in the community. 

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