Chris Nichols

Chris Nichols, Senior Program Manager, has driven innovation in clean energy programs and policies for more than 30 years, in Federal, non-profit and for-profit organizations. She brings strong management and energy strategy skills to Groundswell, with vision, passion and a deep network of similarly devoted clean energy professionals to accelerate collaborative work for expanded clean energy services.

3 Articles

  • LIFT Needs Your Data!
    LIFT is requesting solar and community solar data on projects that serve Low to Moderate Income (LMI) customers. Solar or community solar programs may be managed by utilities, municipalities, solar developers and/or non-profit organizations - LIFT needs it all!
  • Transformation is a Verb
    Groundswell champions the value of transformation – deeply understanding the systems and constraints of “what is” in order to move toward “what should be.” We work with communities across the country, listening and walking beside our neighbors from many different backgrounds and income levels to hear and empower our partner communities in shaping a shared energy future. This takes a lot of work and much more time than imposing an existing system “from the top.” 
  • LIFT Solar Research Collaborative Update: June/July
    The DOE awarded Groundswell and its partners Elevate Energy, Southface, and Clean Energy Works funds for a research collaboration. The project, called Accelerating Low-Income Financing and Transactions for Solar Access Everywhere or “LIFT Solar Everywhere” will determine the optimal financing and program elements (customer experience factors) that community solar projects need to best serve every member of our communities, and especially our energy burdened neighbors. LIFT will use data from energy efficiency, solar and community solar programs nationwide to analyze how best to serve low-income families.