DC Solar for All delivering community solar savings to 2,490 Residents

Since September 2019, more than three thousand DC residents have signed up to take part in the DC Solar For All program which makes local, clean energy more available throughout the District.

DC Solar For All is a program under the DC’s Department of Energy and Environment, and its goal is to make solar energy widely available in the District by providing local households, small businesses, nonprofits, and senior citizens with the benefits of locally-generated solar energy. 

The program was established by a pioneering law championed by Mayor Muriel Bowser and passed by the DC City Council and is just one of the reasons DC is a national leader. This innovative program will cut 100,000 families’ electricity bills in half through the use of locally generated, clean energy. DC Solar For All is also a great way for District residents to influence DC’s energy future while enjoying the benefits that come from clean, locally produced solar energy. 

The DC Solar for All program serves income-qualified households, for whom deep electricity bill savings helps making living in DC more affordable. 

DC Solar for All

If your household income is at or below the levels in the chart below, you are invited sign up for the DC Solar for All program!

Persons in
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
$70,600 $80,650 $90,750 $100,800 $108,900 $116,950 $125,000 $133,100
  • Income levels for participation are updated each year.

Solar for All participants are expected to see approximately 50 percent savings on their electricity bill for 15 years while taking part in one of the country’s most progressive solar programs. Residents who take part in DC Solar For All projects receive a community solar credit on their monthly Pepco electricity bill.

DC Solar For All makes rooftop solar and community solar available to income-qualified District residents at no cost. Community solar provides the benefits of solar to residents who can’t install systems on their home, including renters and homeowners whose rooftops are shaded or need repairs. Community solar projects are typically located on the rooftops of local congregations or apartment buildings instead of on individual homes, and these projects serve all of DC’s neighborhoods.

To learn more about DC Solar For All, watch this in-depth look at how the program started and what it hopes to achieve here or call (202) 299-5271.