Energy Awareness Month with DC Solar for All

A few weeks ago, I had to do something that I haven’t done in months: I turned on the heat at home. As I set the temperature on the thermostat, I thought of when I was younger, and my dad warned us not to turn it up too high because we needed to save energy. As the youngest of four from a rural “city,” my dad always encouraged us to look for ways to save money and resources, and setting the home thermostat was an easy way to do that every day. 

Even now, I still use almost the same thermostat settings that my dad used when I was a kid, partially because when I got older I realized just how much every degree of heat costs. I make sure everyone stays warm. But, I also encourage cozy sweaters and blankets in the evenings, when everyone is preparing to sleep in their nice, warm beds. It’s kind of funny how those habits can stick with you.

Of course, adjusting your thermostat is just one way to save money on energy bills. As a DC Solar for All subscriber, you are already saving up to $500 a year with clean energy, but, if you are like me, every little bit helps. Luckily, I work with some great folks who love to share energy-saving tips. The biggest thing that I have learned from them is that little changes — like adding caulk under windows and switching to energy-efficient light bulbs in the room you use most — can help you save a lot of money over time. 

Beyond saving money, using less energy and subscribing to community solar help make our community a cleaner, healthier place to spend time making memories with family, friends, and neighbors. Thank you for making a difference in our community with Solar for All!