Groundswell goes to church with SOUL and solar at Sargent Memorial Church in Washington, DC

On July 10, 2022, in Washington, DC, Groundswell Is connecting with soul and solar in the Nation’s capital. According to research led by Groundswell Vice President of Labs and Data Science Dr. Elvis Moleka, only 63.3% of low and moderate-income households served by community solar felt satisfied or very satisfied. 

The reasons behind subscriber satisfaction and concerns are explored at length in LIFT SOLAR EVERYWHERE PROJECT FINANCE FOR ACCELERATING LMI SOLAR ACCESS, where Dr. Moleka and the LIFT team explore how communication with subscribers and strong relationships impact customer satisfaction. This new report was released in June, and Groundswell is already applying its findings to better serve community solar subscribers. At Sargent Memorial Church, this research is being used to establish stronger relationships and a better understanding of how community solar and electricity bill savings can be used to serve communities. 

Since 2015, Groundswell has partnered with local leaders to establish access to community solar in four states along with the District of Columbia. Groundswell projects with sould and solar serve communities in Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, New York, and North Carolina, which include behind-the-meter solar projects and large-scale solar projects that serve community-run utilities. 

“Our work building community power asks and seeks to answer the question: How to we love our neighbors as ourselves through clean energy,” commented Michelle Moore, CEO of Groundswell.

Groundswell continues to apply its research locally in service to Sargent Memorial Presbyterian Church in NE Washington DC, where Groundswell is building a community solar project that will provide more than 70 income-qualified households with no-cost solar subscriptions.

“Groundswell continues to combine soul and solar. With this, we follow the great words of Martin Luther King’s great mentor Benjamin E. Mays,” said Rashad Williams, Groundswell Associate Director of Subscriber Services. "It isn't more light we need, it isn't more truth, and it isn't more scientific data. It is more Christ, more courage, more spiritual insight to act on the light we have."