Amal Bennett-Judge
Bennett-Judge focused on renewable energy and environmental justice since she was 18. This included opportunities at the Obama White House that included interning for Michelle Moore. Beyond that, she also interned for US Senate, US House of Representatives, Mayor of Chicago, and Mayor of Atlanta. She focused on renewable energy opportunities.
She also served as a fellow at Roosevelt Institute in Chicago and at the University of Michigan. She then transitioned to the private sector. She worked at Delta Air Lines and CNN. Next, she expanded globally as a business development executive at a French television company. She currently leads Groundswell's communication strategy and public engagement. 

2 Articles

  • Feeding Good with Jill Wu
    Soaring prices at grocery stores and shortages of specific foods due to supply chain issues have provided stark reminders of how food insecurity and food scarcity impact families across the country. These issues have hit some communities especially hard, but an Atlanta-based team began to address these challenges long before they became a talking point for prime time news commentators.  
  • Malcolm X’s Contributions to Environmental Justice Live On
    As communities around the world celebrated Malcolm X‘s 97th birthday, he was remembered as more than a prominent figure in the Civil Rights movement. His speeches decried environmental oppression decades before the wider public recognized the importance of environmental justice. He was a genius community organizer, and he empowered his community, using the power of his tongue as his sword.