Energy Futures 2021: DC Solar for All: Making Community Solar Equitable

In November 2021, Groundswell Senior Program Director for Community Regeneration Majora Carter and guests Dr. Taresa Lawrence (Deputy Director, DC Department of Energy & Environment), Emil King (Program Director, DC DOEE), and Michelle Moore (CEO, Groundswell) talked about what goes into successful, equitable solar energy projects during the DC DOEE takeover of the ongoing Energy Futures webinar series. 

Under the leadership of Mayor Muriel Bowser, the District has set the standard for equitable, solar programs. With Groundswell’s support, DC Solar for All has made solar savings accessible to more than 5,000 low and moderate-income District households. And they are just getting started. 
This discussion had a foundation in research findings from the LIFT Solar Everywhere initiative that show the value of prioritizing the community, its vision, and its values in shaping clean energy programs that serve people and communities with low and moderate incomes.