Energy Futures 2021: Evaluating Solar Programs for Success

In the Energy Futures 2021: Evaluating Solar Programs for Success webinar, industry leading experts on solar program analysis discuss how evaluation of current community solar programs can be utilized to reveal success factors worth replicating at organizational and industry levels. Evaluation is often overlooked in discussions about community solar, yet it plays a vital role in determining if programs achieve targeted goals and improve service for subscribers. These insights can be the difference between a successful long-lasting program and one that never reaches its full potential.

This discussion has a foundation in research findings from the LIFT Solar Everywhere initiative that show the value of prioritizing the community, its vision, and its values in shaping clean energy programs that serve people and communities with low and moderate incomes.


Chris Nichols, Senior Program Director,

Groundswell Speakers:

Bentham Paulos, Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Greg Leventis, Lawrence Berkeley Lab

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