Paving the Way Forward: Highlights from Groundswell’s Staff Retreat

This past month has brought exciting changes and growth to our team! From stellar new additions to internal promotions, our team continues to expand in knowledge and talent. 

In September, we were grateful to get to come together for a staff retreat in Lynchburg, Virginia. The goal of the staff retreat was to leave with a clear understanding of how our day-to-day activities connect with, contribute to and support Groundswell’s values, vision, mission and strategic priorities. For many of us, it was our first time meeting the full Groundswell team in person due to the remote work environment following COVID-19 and the steady growth of our team in DC and beyond. 

During our time in Lynchburg, we learned how to leverage our individual working styles to improve our teams and work together more effectively as an organization to build community power. We also had the opportunity to learn about how our individual skill sets and perspectives create a stronger collective that embodies what matters to Groundswell — gaining a deeper understanding of how each section of our team  — from Labs to Customer Service to Finance — is a vital piece in the puzzle that is our strategic vision, allowing us to stay on track, support each other, and be our best at serving our neighbors who struggle with high energy burdens. 

We are excited to apply everything we learned in service to communities as we build energy equity and honor the strategic priorities we have committed ourselves to as an organization. 

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