Saving with Solar for All

Over the last few months, I'm sure you've noticed, like me, that things cost more. The goods and services we depend on every day – like groceries, gas, and even electricity – are more expensive today than they have been in years. 

Despite high prices, your participation in the Solar for All program helps you and your neighbors save money. Every month, you can rely on the Solar for All program to help bring down your electricity costs, and over 12 months, the program is designed to save you up to $500. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, you can expect to see bigger savings from Solar for All on your monthly bills.

There are other ways to save as well. If you are in need of additional assistance, please be sure to check out the District's other utility affordability programs. These include LIHEAP, which will give you a one-time payment to help with your electricity and gas bills, the Utility Discount Program, which gives you a monthly discount on your electric, gas, and sewage bills, the Weatherization Assistance Program, which will pay for energy efficiency upgrades to your home, and Water Affordability Programs, which will help bring down the cost of your monthly water bill.

All of these programs are compatible with Solar for All, so you can receive them on top of your monthly Solar for All bill credit. For help applying to any of these programs, please call 311, where a member of the District's City-Wide Call Center will assist you.

Serving with Joy,

Sam Schacht

Subscriber Engagement and Support Manager