Sam Schacht

Sam Schacht is the Customer Engagement and Support Associate at Groundswell. He is responsible for assisting the team in subscriber recruitment and management, as well as community outreach and engagement. 

Sam recently graduated from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor’s in History and minors in Sustainability, Anthropology, and German. In his time at Rochester, Sam worked on two digital history projects—The Seward Family Digital Archive and Lewis Henry Morgan at 200: A Critical Appreciation—where he contributed original research and transcription as well as assisting the design of three museum exhibits around the City of Rochester. He also served as the President of Grassroots Soccer, a campus organization dedicated to engaging both campus and community in HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness through soccer.

Sam contributes a passion for climate justice and social equity. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, cooking, and all things soccer.

4 Articles

  • Saving with Solar for All
    Over the last few months, I'm sure you've noticed, like me, that things cost more. The goods and services we depend on every day – like groceries, gas, and even electricity – are more expensive today than they have been in years. 
  • Lessons learned from serving LMI communities during the Pandemic
    Groundswell works with community leaders to connect families with community solar and the energy bill savings that comes with it in DC and Maryland. These community solar programs — including the DC Department of Energy and Environment's (DOEE) Solar for All program — have been hugely successful over the past year in providing much-needed financial relief to struggling households.
  • Celebrating National Clean Energy Week
    This week, in honor of National Clean Energy Week, I want to express my deep appreciation to you as a subscriber to one of Groundswell's community solar projects and as a participant in DC's Solar for All program. It has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure to serve you. Groundswell's Customer Support Team now serves more than 4,000 community solar subscribers in DC, and I am continually humbled by your kindness toward our team.
  • Celebrate the Start of Summer by Saving on your Electric Bill
    Did you know that as a DC Solar for All subscriber you save up to $500 a year on your electricity bill? This innovative program was created by Mayor Muriel Bowser and makes it easy to save money on your monthly electricity bill while making our environment healthier and safer.