Turning Sunlight into Savings with DC Solar for All

Summer has always been one of my favorite seasons of the year. The outdoors really come alive with the freshness of the air, the smell of flowers, and freshly mowed lawns. 

One of my favorite pastimes as a child was counting down the final days of the school year, which for me, was always the official launch into summer. I really enjoy the warm weather because it’s the perfect atmosphere for fun outdoor activities like diving into a cool pool and firing up the grill for a delicious meal with friends and family. Not only does grilled food taste amazing, but cooking outdoors in the summer keeps the heat outside (where it belongs) instead of in your kitchen. Keeping the heat out of the house means you’ll use less energy to keep your home cool AND thereby save money on your electricity bill.

Another reason I love the summer is because it’s one of the best seasons for solar generation. During this time of year, there are up to 5 hours more sunlight on a given day than in the winter. One of the primary benefits of participating in the DC Solar for All program is that your subscription harnesses the extra energy from the sunlight and turns it into savings of up to $500 each year on your electricity bill. You will notice on your electricity bill that your monthly savings are higher in the summer because the longer days mean more sunlight for solar panels to turn into free electricity.

In addition to saving money on your electricity bill as a DC Solar for All subscriber, you should feel good about your impact on the planet. The impact of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions on global warming are undeniable, and we can see the effects happening in real-time as each summer is a bit warmer than the last. While many people are aware of this fact and bothered by it, some never get around to taking action. We want to thank you for joining more than 5,000 of your DC neighbors in  building a more sustainable community for all while lowering your carbon footprint.

If you know someone who would like to make a difference in your community while saving up to $500 a year on their electricity bill, encourage them to give us a call on the Solar for All hotline at (202) 299-5271 or visit https://doee.dc.gov/solarforall. The income guidelines for new participants were updated last month, so DC Solar for All is now open to more of our neighbors than ever before.