Leading with Values

Systems produce outcomes according to the values on which they’re founded, so Groundswell has been very deliberate about defining and sharing the values that guide us daily in our work. 

Kristal Knowles, Groundswell’s Director of Operations and Customer Support and the heart and soul of our team, has led us through this effort. Last week, Groundswell’s Statement of Values was unanimously adopted by our full Board and every person on our staff team. Patricia Bory (https://www.linkedin.com/in/patriciabory-include/), the founder of Include Consulting, stewarded us through the process, just as she has helped us remain focused on creating a culture of belonging (https://groundswell.org/fostering-a-culture-of-belonging/). 

Our values represent who we are and how we work. I hope you’ll take a few minutes today to review them. We’ll be exploring these ideas more together in the coming weeks, and we hope that you’ll experience them in practices as you’re working with Groundswell. It’s our promise to you and each other.