The Paris Agreement and a Moral Foundation for Leadership

The moral implications of the choices we all make each day are not measured against how any one man chooses to exercise political authority. Our opportunity to remain committed to American leadership as individual citizens and as leaders in our businesses and local communities is intact. Focusing on that truth, understanding that we have moral power as individuals, and acting on it enables us to do extraordinary good.

That is why I am celebrating the cities, states, companies, and communities that are stepping up all over America – many of whom were leading on climate long before the Federal government got on board. A rising tide of state and local elected leaders across the country as well as CEOs spanning every industry have taken the higher ground and declared that they will sustain their commitment to the health and well-being of their citizens, customers, employees, and neighbors by remaining aligned in action and in spirit with the Paris Agreement and working in one accord with their colleagues around the world.

The reality is that fossil fuels brought us this far, but now we can do better. Clean energy sources are abundant; we have the knowledge to use them, the technology is affordable, and deploying it creates local jobs. Using clean energy sustains healthy communities for our neighbors nearby and across the globe, and for future generations of our families. It is a beautiful and increasingly visible demonstration of how we can work together and “do well by do good” while living up to one of the moral imperatives of our time.

So, we’re going to rise up, work hard, keep building, and do better. The moral power of our individual actions for the greater good will keep us on the right side of history.